Week #1

Assignment  #1.4 Design For You

homepage_mockup                        artifact_page


My gap is creating the website to show most beatiuful artıfacts such as houses gardens and ı want to introduce designers for people and if we are talking about the artifacts, learning stories behind the artifacts may be perfect . They are my prototypes for website.


Assignment #1.3 Visual Expression


Assignment #1.2  Find the Gap

  1. I always carry my laptop with me and also charge equipment. But it causes a big mess in my bag.
  2. My haeadphone is always mixed when i immediatly should use it. It gets a big problem to solve it.
  3. My jevelries are always missed in my drawer.
  4. In my city there is lots of wind and my room always gets dusty. I should always clean my laptop.
  5. I always have a big trouble with my wet wipes because when I use the small pack it is finished quickly but I dont want to pick up big pack with me.
  6. I should find a best way to open the soda that has not non-plastic cover when I don’t have bottle opener.
  7. My room doesn’t get light enough because of the small window.
  8. I always try to clean my pencil sharpener from nibs.
  9. I get dirty when I want to change nib of my tipped pen. I want to change it without getting dirty.
  10. I forget to turn off my pen cap before I put it to penholder and it gets dirty. There should be different way to save my penholder.

Assignment #1.1 Good Design


Handbag organizer is the best innovation for me. It simplify my daily life and let me use with all my bags. I cannot forget my key and finding key, mobile phone or valet easy with it. And the other advantages of using purse organizer is using clean bags. There is no lipstick stains or piece of brush in bag.


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